Third Grade

Third grade is a transitional year where students go from learning to read, to reading to learn.  Hands on projects and project based learning are used across the curriculum to provide opportunities for student led learning, where students learn to respond and investigate authentic, engaging problems or challenges.

Book clubs are an important part of our reading time, as we learn how to apply comprehension skills to our everyday reading.  Creative book report projects are started this year as we learn about books of different genres.

Many new math skills are taught through active learning and games with a focus being on the concepts of multiplication and problem solving.

Bible Study is a time where we are learning how to use the Bible, how it pertains to our lives, and how we can be on mission for Christ.  It is incorporated throughout our entire day as we learn how to work together as a community of believers.

Cursive handwriting skills are developed and practiced.

Flexible seating creates a student-centered work environment where students learn in a way that is best for them.

Third graders will also participate in 3-4 field trips during the school year to further enhance our classroom learning.


Fourth Grade

Fourth grade is such a fun year to learn and teach.  Reading continues to grow that concept of "reading to learn" introduced in 3rd grade.  The class also spends a lot of time working to develop a joy for reading with the use of the Accelerated Reading program and meaningful, interesting book club books which often follow content themes we are learning in Social Studies.  We also focus on the importance of sharpening our comprehension skills through predictions, inferences, visualization, and making connections.  Learning to write concise summaries, creative stories, and clear, complete answers to content questions with focus on punctuation and capitalization are other language art skills we emphasize at this level.

A very “hands-on” approach is used to master materials in math, science and social studies.  This includes projects, experiments, field trips, and even running a own business to learn economics to earn money for the field trip to Jefferson City.  

Preparing the students to take longer, more challenging tests and teaching them study skill options is only one of the ways 4th grade prepares the children for the demands of middle school they will face in 5th – 8th grade.  The long-term projects we use to teach children time management and planning is another key element in this process.  

Most importantly, though, the children are taught the love of Christ for each of them and the role in sharing that love with others.  Time is taken to solidify who God is and the TRUTHS that are shared with us in His word. 

For more information, schedule a tour with Megan Arnold, Marketing and Admissions Director, to meet the teachers and learn more curriculum specific information.