Abiding Savior Lutheran School is dedicated to academic excellence through experienced teachers and innovation. 

Lutheran School System rated #1

The NAEP report, often called the "Nation's Report Card" ranked the Lutheran school system the #1 school system in the country. The U.S. Department of Education ranked the Lutheran system highest academically among all other schools, including Catholic, charter, or other private schools. Lutheran school students test 23% higher than the national average on standard achievement tests. 

ASLS test scores among highest in region

Students at Abiding Savior Lutheran School continue to outperform their peers.  

Each spring our students complete a battery of standardized tests that help us determine the areas of strength and areas needing improvement.  Over the last few years our students have continually outperformed their peers throughout the country and St. Louis area on standardized testing.  During this time our students have averaged in the 80th percentile on the complete battery of testing. (This translates that our students do better than students at 80 out of every 100 schools that take the exact same test).  The results over the last three years in the core areas are as follows:

Reading and Language(Percentile Scores)

2015 - 81st

2016 - 80th

2017 - 80th

Mathematics (Percentile Score)

2015 - 82nd

2016 - 82nd

2017 - 81st

Science (Percentile Score)

2015 - 83rd

2016 - 82nd

2017 - 86th

Social Studies (Percentile Score)

2015 - 83rd

2016 - 81st

2017 - 82nd

Academic Success Center

ASLS believes God has created everyone individually with unique strengths and weaknesses. The Academic Success Center assists in cases where individualized instruction is needed by supporting classroom instruction in the areas of mainstream, resource, and gifted education. The ASC strives to assist students in developing additional skills that will support their highest academic growth.