Parent Testimonial

If you know me then you know the everyday struggles that my child faces in order to stay safe due to his peanut allergy. To some it may not seem like a big deal. "Just stay away from peanuts" many will say. I wish it were that simple. When you have a child that has an extreme peanut allergy, it is life altering. If he happens to sit too close to someone with peanuts, his life is at risk. Things like shared equipment with peanuts can cause death and many don’t realize. Let alone the risk to his spirit from being segregated from basic childhood things. The last couple years, I have been blessed to send Kaiden to Abiding Savior Lutheran school. They are the only completely nut free school where he could be open to be just a boy, not chained by the fear of his allergy. Kaiden was free to laugh with his friends at one lunch table. He could smile with a feeling of safety and belonging because they are all peanut free!

My heart hurts for other children, possibly facing fear and/or segregation that could have long term affects. Imagine, a little boy that wants to walk into a lunch room with a smile on his face and sit down next to his friends, instead faced with having to walk past them to the back labeled “Nut free” table where he will sit alone looking back at the other tables staring at him. He looks around, scared, as he sees "land mines" all around him. Bullying is also something parents fear and many have to send their child to a school where bullying is what they will know. Having a peanut allergy in a public school is a stressful and scary. For example, Parkway School District has had 13 Anaphylactic reactions just last school year.

Abiding Savior was our blessing! They have sacrificed the “Easy” way of doing things and decided to stand up and stand out to protect the children that are in need. They have provided not only a place to feel secure, but a family environment that cares!

God Bless,

Nicole Regan