Day 1

ASLS Families,

There are so many things to be excited about and today launched us successfully into the 17/18 school year.

I am so enthused by the excitement that students, parents, teachers, and all other staff had for the start of school year. I witnessed this from pictures being taken by parents along with Zach Arnold and Phil Landau (two ASLS dads) taking pictures outside, to coffee in the atrium, to doing team introductions in chapel, and the boohoo/yahoo breakfast.

It was great to see how excited the Middle School students are to have technology for learning more regularly at their fingertips and how important being responsible for their Chromebook is to them.

As I watched the 4th graders and younger students at recess, they were having so much fun with their friends both new and old. ASLS has great students who love and welcome each other really well.

I enjoyed working on leadership and team building with Middle School students. The 6-8th graders sat and sang with their chapel buddies. The 5-8th graders worked on group building activities this afternoon. Through all of this there was a feeling of Christ's love for each other.

I am blessed by the faculty and staff at ASLS and how hard they have worked to prepare for today. I'm thankful to be serving alongside them everyday.

Zack Klug