Etiquette and Cooking Electives Combine for Elegant Lunch

7th and 8th grade students choose from a list of electives every quarter. The 3rd quarter elective options included an Etiquette class taught by Mrs. Blevins and Cooking class taught by Mrs. Robertson.


On Tuesday, March 13th, the classes combined to practice the techniques they have learned this quarter. The cooking students prepared a delicious meal including salad, rolls, pork tenderloin, pasta, and green beans. For a drink the students made cherry limeades and for dessert, brownie Oreo trifle. 

The Etiquette class prepared the place settings including the proper placement of all utensils, glass wear and plates. They learned about the appropriate time to sit, which utensil to use first, and table manners like placing your napkin in your lap prior to eating.


In addition, ASLS is celebrating National Lutheran Schools Week and the students wore elegant outfits for spirit day. 

The Etiquette class curriculum includes talk about etiquette of introductions, common social interactions,  social media etiquette, and table etiquette.   

The Cooking class students learned about kitchen utensils, cooking terms, food safety, food preparation techniques, and grew in their culinary skills.