Invention Convention Comes to ASLS

St. Louis, MO - On Thursday, March 7, 2019, Abiding Savior Lutheran School hosted a group of budding inventors at the “Invention Convention”.

Mrs. Doering, the 4th grade teacher, led the group through the process of creating an invention. The students began the project by asking family and friends if they had any problems they could help solve.

One student identified that he wasn’t able to accurately keep track of the chores he completed, therefore not receiving his allowance. He developed the Chore Store with a place to put in chips when a chore has been completed, then at the end of the week he can cash out by taking the jar with tokens to the ‘bank’ (aka mom and dad).

The other inventions included a sun-visor extender, a net for extra desk storage, ga-ga ball pit gloves, key system (for parents who often misplace their keys), a pet saddle, a bed cooler, a culinary board game, and a self propelled iron so parents can iron their clothes while in the shower.

Way to go inventors! We will let you know when the products will be hitting the store shelves.