5th - 8th Middle School

At Abiding Savior our students in grades 5-8 attend school in a more traditional middle school model.  This provides our students at this grade level the ability to receive instruction from teachers with expertise in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Communication Arts. As an integral part of an education that is centered on Christ, students will attend daily bible study classes and weekly worship. It is important that our students are able to start creating a Christian world-view while receiving an academically excellent education.  

Daily the students will receive instruction from these specialized teachers, while attending classes on a modified flex mod schedule.  This schedule model has classes for students that meet daily at different times of the day, and for different lengths of time.  (Classes range from 30 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes.)  Students in middle school will also attend physical education, music, band, bible study, and art on a regular basis, while also selecting electives each quarter.

The goal is that all students have a successful educational experience in middle school, while being prepared for the next steps in their education at the high school level.   


5th - 8th Communication Arts

Communication Arts focuses on Literature, English (Grammar), Spelling, Vocabulary, and Writing, each year in fifth through 8th grades. There is a certain amount of repetition that occurs over time as each year’s experience increases to the next level.

Literature:  In Literature the students focus on the literary elements in reading like creating a diagram of a plot, determining themes in a novel or short story, or studying a specific genre just to name a few. It also addresses the development of literary skills like determining cause and effect, or deciding what is a fact and what is an opinion, or finding a metaphor, what is the author’s purpose, etc.

Classroom novels and leveled texts are read to reinforce the development of these skills, and also focus on a better understanding of different genres. The novels read include some of the following: The Lightning Thief, Wonder, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Tuck Everlasting, Tom Sawyer, The Giver, and The Hiding Place. Students are also expected to read independently and are challenged to meet specific requirements surrounding this reading, such as projects, book talks, etc.    

English: During English the students focus on the English language and develop a more detailed understanding of the eight parts of speech and implementing these skills into their daily writing.

Spelling/Vocabulary:  Spelling focuses on age appropriate spelling words and learning the meanings of those words.  Vocabulary goes a step further in challenging the students to learn more words to develop even a larger vocabulary.  

Writing:  The students focus on developing well structured sentences, paragraphs, and essays.

They practice writing  a variety of different essays like narrative essays, compare and contrast essays, persuasive essays. and research papers. They also have the opportunity to use their imaginations and write creatively. (They will not write every style of essay each year, but will have the opportunity to learn about different types of  essays as they move through the middle school.)


5th-8th Science

Science provides an incredible opportunity to share the world that God created with our students.  Through our middle school science curriculum, students will study life science, earth science, physical science, and technology and engineering design.  Methods for instruction include hands on activities, problem solving, discovery learning, inquiry opportunities, and the use of technology.

Eighth grade students investigate physical science topics covering motion, forces, energy, matter, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism.

Seventh grade students focus on earth science topics including astronomy, geology, Earth’s water, weather, and climate.

Sixth grade students learn about life science topics studying cells, the six kingdoms, body systems, and the environment.

Fifth grade students have a general course of study covering topics from life, earth and physical science.


5th - 8th Social Studies

5th grade - U.S. History: the American Revolution through 2000

Students will experience an overview of United States history from the American Revolution through the year 2000. Specific attention will be given to events that helped to shape the world our students live in right now, and the effects that can be seen from those events.

6th grade - Ancient World History

Students will study ancient history including the following: early civilizations, Ancient societies of the  Sumerians, Egyptians, Middle East,  India, China, Greece, and Rome.  

7th grade - World Geography

Students will learn the “language” (terminology) of geography, as well as studying the interaction between the physical world and the human cultures we see in today’s world.

8th grade - United States History

Students will focus on U.S. History from the early European explorers through the Civil War and Industrial Revolution. There will be substantial focus on the Constitutional realities that were lived out via the historical events, as well as comparison and contrast between the time periods studied and the time in which the students live.


5th - 8th Math

Fifth grade math works with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals while developing skills essential in problem solving.   Geometric terms and concepts and measurement are also introduced and practiced.   The goal is to develop skills needed for future study and to connect these skills to real life situations. 

Sixth grade math expands on previously learned skills.  Topics include decimals and percentages, fraction-ratio-proportion relationships, and introduction to some pre-Algebra skills such as order of operations and solving equations.  Students may be advanced based on previous performance, test scores and math aptitude.

Seventh grade math’s major emphasis is preparation for the study of Algebra.  Main topics are rational number operations, order of operations, integers, relationships between fractions, decimals, and percentages, evaluating expressions and solving equations.   Some students may be advanced based on their previous performance, test scores and math aptitude. 

Eighth grade math is a study of Algebra and skills needed to succeed in Algebra.  Much emphasis is placed on solving and graphing functions.   Study in Algebra is often leveled to student’s skill and interest.   Skills covered include basic functions, solving and graphing linear equations, using formulas, inequalities, number theory, polynomials, and quadratic functions.  Students may qualify for high school Geometry or Algebra II upon the completion of Algebra 1. 


For more information, schedule a tour with Megan Arnold, Marketing and Admissions Director, to meet the teachers and learn more curriculum specific information.