When students know they are in a loving, safe (ASLS is a peanut/nut free school), accepting environment, where learning is exciting, they will thrive emotionally, spiritually and academically. The faculty and staff at ASLS have devotions before the start of the school day to put scripture and prayer first, then out of the overflow they can serve and love our students well.

In addition to academic excellence and innovation in the core subjects of math, science, social students, and language arts, students are given the opportunity to learn about art, music, athletics, and theater. Throughout the school day students are encouraged to serve from wiping tables in the lunchroom, to helping with the recycles, and partnering with each other for reading buddies. The seventh and eighth graders are paired with kindergarten and first graders for chapel and sit together to allow the older students to learn about servant leadership. 


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Faith families

Throughout the school year students will meet in small groups called Faith Families. These are small groups of Junior Kindergarten through 8th grade students led by a faculty advisor. It gives our students opportunities for leadership as well as growing together as a community.



Senior Kindergarten-8th grade students gather on Wednesday mornings for chapel. Students worship, hear a message from Principal Ryherd, Pastor McBurney, an ASLS class or guest speaker. Chapel is a highlight of the week and helps us to remain focused the purpose of all we do and gives us an opportunity to worship.



ASLS students have the opportunity to participate in cross country (Senior K - 8), girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball, soccer, and track and field. Other sports are organized by the Athletic Director and played through CYC.